Illusian is a one-woman (Dilara Arin) illustration agency that produces original illustrations for all types of media, from fashion to advertisement, editorial to children’s illustrations.

Dilara grew up with a strong belief that the story should always come first, with the thought that every unique project deserves it’s own unique life. This belief led her to develop many different styles specifically suited to each story or project she worked on. Coming from both an animation and illustration background gave her a chance to explore various mediums, each exploration enriching her artistic vocabulary to something so diverse she can now work to almost any demand.

Dilara has worked on her own various independent projects successfully, including the critically acclaimed Stella and the Space Bears children’s book app and her new dark fable series Hot Tin Cat books. She has also worked for various clients, including Akasa Publications, Citlembik/Nettleberry Publications, Era Publications, Take Another Mouthful books and HugoSophia.

Capable of ever expanding, diverse styles, Illusian only has one motto; let the project determine the style!